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Receiving income from overseas and not disclosing it because you thought it had nothing to do with Australia This is a common mistake made by taxpayers who have investments or bank accounts overseas.

The introduction of Child Benefit means testing in January has led to an increase of mothers in higher-income households opting out of claiming to avoid a tax charge.

They cost a fuckload in Europe. Trying to claim business set-up costs in the first year Thanks to a change in taxation legislation, new business start-ups are now able to claim certain business set-up costs in their first year of operation.

Drawing money out of your SMSF because you were short of cash Some trustees of SMSFs erroneously believe they can dip into their super funds to pay outstanding debts or fund their small businesses.

We almost missed out. While there may well be no tax to pay not all overseas income is taxableyou still need to declare such amounts and failure to do so can attract stiff penalties.

However, such improvements can be claimed under depreciation over a period of years, once you have obtained a depreciation schedule from a licensed quantity surveyor.

So, your strategy is simple: Claiming loan repayments on rental properties instead of the interest portion only Interest on loan repayments for rental properties can be claimed as a tax deduction, but many property owners are also, unwittingly or otherwise, attempting to claim for their loan repayments as well.

The 60 Most Common Business Mistakes Picked Up By the ATO During Tax Audits

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If you account for GST on an accrual basis, you may claim the full amount of GST on the purchase made under either a chattel mortgage or hire purchase agreement.

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And I guess we needed to specify that we needed speaker cables. It is also non-deductible if it is held inside superannuation or provides a lump sum benefit through life insurance or trauma insurance. I cannot stress enough how important the.

This being applicable for an entity registered for GST. Medical expenses include expenses such as the cost of disability aids, attendant care and aged care, but they do not include things like contributions to private health insurers, travel or accommodation expenses associated with medical treatment or inoculations for overseas travel.

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Property is classed as new if it is built from scratch, has never been sold as a residential property before, has been substantially renovated or is replacing a demolished building on the same land.

That was unfortunate, because we apparently were not specific enough.

29 Common GST Mistakes

This is in fact a capital expense and cannot be claimed as a deduction or in the first year, but needs to be depreciated over several years.

The common misconception is that because the money was not earned in Australia, there is no tax to pay and no reason to declare it in your tax return.

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If you deprive your body of sleep for a longer period, you will experience a drop in performance, a higher risk of injury and strain. The supply of a voucher does not attract GST. If you have already run into issues with your tax obligations and require an administration expert to assist with getting your business back on track, contact the experts at Australian Debt Solvers today.

Your metabolism has to run strong after a workout to burn excess fat. Travel expenses you can legitimately claim for include meals, accommodation and incidentals while away on company business i.

Often this is a genuine mistake, but in some cases it can be deliberate, because the tax rate for working residents and non-residents is markedly different. An example of a donation that would not qualify for a tax deduction would be a donation by a business to a political party.

Unfortunately, failing to do so is a common problem which could be easily overcome if business owners followed these four basic steps; Step One — examine and compare your financial records and ensure that your bank statements match your accounting information Step Two — record any missing transactions for which you have receipts and invoices Step Three — total your records to determine what amount of GST you owe or are owed and calculate your PAYG Step Four — update your records with the new information and lodge your BAS.

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5 mistakes bas
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