A biography of scottish novelist sir walter scott

Although Scott probably never intended that "Laurence Templeton" should be taken as a real person, he was attempting to remain in anonymity by the use of the name.

Walter Scott

He was admitted advocate in Nevertheless many of his Works remain classics of English literature. It was a tale of the "Forty-Five" Jacobite rising in the United Kingdom with its English protagonist Edward Waverley, by his Tory upbringing sympathetic to Jacobitism, becoming enmeshed in events but eventually choosing Hanoverian respectability.

His identity as the author of the novels was widely rumoured, and in Scott was given the honour of dining with George, Prince Regent, who wanted to meet "the author of Waverley". His politically motivated founding of the Quarterly Review, a literary journal, helped make Edinburgh the most influential center of British intellectual life outside London.

After Scott had founded a printing press, his poetry, beginning with The Lady Of the Lake set in the Trossachs, portions of which translated into German were set to music by Franz Schubert.

Tales of my Landlord includes the now highly regarded novel Old Mortalityset in —89 against the backdrop of the ferocious anti-Covenanting campaign of the Tory Graham of Claverhousesubsequently made Viscount Dundee called "Bluidy Clavers" by his opponents but later dubbed " Bonnie Dundee " by Scott.

These poems—including The Lay of the Last MinstrelMarmionand The Lady of the Lake —became best sellers, and Scott established his first literary reputation as a poet of the romantic school, an artistic movement developed in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

He was given private tuition by James Mitchell in arithmetic and writing, and learned from him the history of the Church of Scotland with emphasis on the Covenanters.

From Scott had spent the summers in a cottage at Lasswadewhere he entertained guests including literary figures, and it was there that his career as an author began.

He also enjoyed German romantic poetry and fiction, and the narrative folk poems known as ballads. Do not republish it without permission.

His edition and biography of John Dryden —the English poet and dramatist, published inremains of value. He was described in as tall, well formed except for one ankle and foot which made him walk lamelyneither fat nor thin, with forehead very high, nose short, upper lip long and face rather fleshy, complexion fresh and clear, eyes very blue, shrewd and penetrating, with hair now silvery white.

Portions of the German translation of this work were set to music by Franz Schubert. The novel portrays that which must be left behind for progress to take place, but there is also a strain of regret for the lost and past, as represented by the primitive but appealing aspects of Rob's character.

Through Flora, Waverley meets Bonnie Prince Charlieand under her influence goes over to the Jacobite side and takes part in the Battle of Prestonpans.

In Ivanhoe, which is one of Scott's Waverley novels, religious and sectarian fanatics are the villains, while the eponymous hero is a bystander who must weigh the evidence and decide where to take a stand. Through Flora, Waverley meets Bonnie Prince Charlieand under her influence goes over to the Jacobite side and takes part in the Battle of Prestonpans.

Unlike most little Scotch boys, he was not sturdy and robust, and in his second year, a lameness appeared that never entirely left him.

Walter Scott Biography

The Novels When the press became embroiled in pecuniary difficulties, Scott set out, into write a cash-cow. Biography of Sir Walter Scott April 4, By Ron Leave a Comment Sir Walter Scott, poet and novelist, was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, five years before the Declaration of Independence in America.

Walter Scott Biography ; Walter Scott Biography. Born: August 15, Edinburgh, Scotland Died: September 21, Abbotsford, Scotland Scottish author The Scottish novelist and poet Sir Walter Scott is recognized as the master of the historical novel.

Died: Sep 21, Walter Scott. - Biography. Scott was a poet, novelist, ballad-collector, critic and man of letters, but is probably most renowned as the founder of the genre of the historical novel.

Sir Walter Scott lived from 15 August to 21 September He can be thought of as the first international literary superstar. As a poet and as a historical novelist, he was popular throughout the world in his day and, to an extent, his books remain read today.

Sir Walter Scott

A biography of the Scottish novelist and poet Sir Walter Scott (), published by Buchan on the hundredth anniversary of the passing of his fellow Scotsman and fellow novelist.

Includes as frontispiece a portrait of Scott by Sir Edwin Landseer (). Sir Walter Scott was a Scottish historical poet, novelist and playwright.

Check out this biography to know about his childhood, life, achievements, works & timelineSpouse: Charlotte Carpenter.

A biography of scottish novelist sir walter scott
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