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May be one can also argue that we now have the power of hindsight which we lacked then. LTTE having assassinated Mr Rajiv Gandhi unilaterally can be ruled out for all practical purposes as it was too much under the influence and control of many agencies and also it would have needed a thorough assurance that its own organization would not be eliminated following the assassination.

She passed away at the age of It is a well known fact that CIA did help Kashmiri terror outfits in the initial years ostensibly to decrease Soviet influence in the region and also because US intelligence establishments were day dreaming about controlling all forms of Islamic extremist organisations from Afghanistan and Central Asia to the Middle-East and Western Africa.

We were a group of 5 analysts working on the conspiracy angle there were other groups of people also working on many conspiracy theories leading up to the assassination. The baby is named Kabir. Resurgence was a critically and commercially successful year for Khan.

Most of the way through, this book is quite good - a well-explained, brief-but-detailed summary of the history, science and economics behind oil and the problems our reliance on it can cause, with an obvious but not obtrusive left-wing analytical lens.

In Africa, anti-malaria mosquito nets go unused by recipients

November 16, Date of publication AY: All these rumours and theories have done their rounds in the intelligence quarters of Delhi, especially duringbut then we are rushing ahead of time so we shall deal with that later.

There was also an unconfirmed report that Karuna was against the whole plot to assassinate Mr Rajiv Gandhi and had even tried in vain to contact Indian intelligence agencies about the impending attack. I'll do it, I am an actor. Joshi also felt that the attempt to repackage Khan and Kajol had backfired.

It is really sad when you loose your co-star, as we spend so much of time together.

Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi pay tributes to Rajiv Gandhi on 27th death anniversary

Unlike nearly everything else that combats the disease, including better housing and drainage, anti-malarial drugs and insecticidal spray campaigns, the insecticide-doused nets are cheap and easy to use. I must confess that intelligence community in India did not really cover themselves in glory in this whole episode, because it might come as a surprise to most readers to know that we had threat perception for Mr Rajiv Gandhi from many other quarters like Sikh separatists, Islamic Pakistani funded militant groups, Chinese sponsored mercenaries and even rogue KGB agents, but had very few inputs and analysis about Tamil Tigers.

Baby Kabir Sonia Shenoy delivered a baby boy on 23rd June Among other design flaws, their tight mesh blocks ventilation, a serious problem in the hot, humid places where malaria roosts. It is such a controversial topic - maybe that is the reason why it is so fascinating.

Karan is a football fan. Career challenges Khan's only release in was Baadshahin which he starred opposite Twinkle Khanna. Instead of masterminding solutions for distant problems and then handing them down from on high — as we do not just in our anti-malaria efforts but in a variety of aid programs aimed at extreme poverty — we should empower the poor to come up with their own solutions, and then help figure out how to implement them.

Such a process might not lead to grand, magic-bullet solutions. But what was a lesser known fact in the media and a matter of puzzling debates in the intelligence circles was the interest shown by the Vatican in the Khalistan movement.

Richa Kashlekar has done a very professional job and captured the chemistry between the lovely couple. They become like a family.

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What I am going to propagate over a 3 part series in the next few days might seem very farfetched and even fantastic to most people and many conspiracy theorists might gleefully accept it as vindication for whatever they have been screaming from rooftops for quite some time now.

Minor discomfort might be tolerable in rural African communities desperate for anti-malarial prevention. Television and film debut Khan's first starring role was in Lekh Tandon 's television series Dil Dariya, which began shooting inbut production delays led to the series Fauji becoming his television debut instead.

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Certified Residential Specialist The CRS designation is the highest credential awarded to residential sales agents, managers, and brokers. Needs a new edition, at least.

It is a well known fact that Opus Dei and parts of Russian intelligence had always collaborated on certain matters. The company covered up the offending word on billboards that had already been installed with the original title.

Norwegian intelligence or NIS had not only given financial assistance but also had provided military training and logistical support to many northern LTTE command groups. Khan plays Rizwan Khan, a Muslim suffering from mild Asperger syndrome who sets out on a journey across America to meet the country's president, in a role that film scholar Stephen Teo sees as a "symbol of assertive rasa values" and another example of Khan representing NRI identity in global Bollywood.

He's cool and flippant, but sincere enough to appeal to the [audience]. I must state here that the western part of LTTE led by Karuna and co was less under the influence of these organisations and was more open to collaboration with India.

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A veteran star of the Indian Film and Televison industry, you will be remembered forever. In his first release of the year, he played a double role opposite Juhi Chawla and Sonali Bendre in Mahesh Bhatt's action comedy Duplicatethe first of his many collaborations with Yash Johar 's production company Dharma Productions.

Aside from acting, he produced the film, volunteered to write the console game script, dubbed for it, oversaw its technical development, and wrote the digital comics based on the film's characters. We’ve known how to cure malaria since the s, so why does the disease still kill hundreds of thousands every year?

It’s more than just a problem of medicine, says journalist Sonia Shah. A look into the history of malaria reveals three big-picture challenges to its eradication.

Photos: Adam Nadel.

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Find conditions treated and procedures performed by Sonia Shah, practicing Allergy & Immunology doctor in Chicago, IL. Sonia Shah Sonia Shah is a science journalist and the author of PANDEMIC: Tracking Contagion from Cholera to Ebola and Beyond (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, ).

To submit a correction for our. Dear Sonia, Please accept my heartiest congratulations on the stellar work you have produced so far.

I have begun reading Crude and its absolutely riveting, which. Welcome to Sterling Hospital. Founded in by Shri Girish Patel, Sterling is one of Gujarat’s most iconic Hospitals renowned for its quality care and compassion.

Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi pay tributes to Rajiv Gandhi on 27th death anniversary - Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in a suicide bombing at Tamil Nadu's Sriperumbudur on May 21,

Sonia shah
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Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi pay tributes to Rajiv Gandhi on 27th death anniversary