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National Association of Crime Victim Compensation Boards

Victims under the age of 18 at the time of the crime may apply until age 21, or later in certain limited circumstances. If you wish, you can also meet with an IVAC officer to explain your situation in person.

Hide Caption 17 of 23 Photos: You have to write a short letter explaining why you are challenging the decision. A law called the Crime Victims Compensation Act was created to ensure that victims receive the support they need, and financial compensation.

Download various Crime Victim Services Division brochures, fact sheets, and applications. The direct victim of a violent crime is generally eligible for compensation. This document may not be reproduced in whole or in part, by photocopy or by any other means, without the expressed written permission of the National Center for Victims of Crime.

If your claim is accepted, your file will be sent to a compensation officer. Crime Victims Assistance Line: Thanks for helping me and my family in our time of need and saddest time in our lives.

It also provides professional rehabilitation services to students and workers. The compensation program will then examine police records, receipts, and other information before deciding whether to pay a claim.

The investigator might also question other people, for example, a doctor who can say that you are suffering from post-traumatic stress or Victim compensation consulting her for psychological problems related to the events.

Some states only compensate victims who were physically injured in the course of the crime, while others also compensate victims of violent crime who were traumatized but not physically injured by the crime.

IVAC also gives compensation if you end up with a disability that interferes with your ability to do your job. Username Forget your password.

Victims and their families need support as they attempt to rebuild lives torn apart by tragedy. If you or a loved one has been the victim of violent crime, please contact the Victim Compensation staff at the Office of the Attorney General for further assistance, at ext.

Attorney General Lisa Madigan has made it a priority to provide services to help victims meet their challenges and regain peace of mind. The Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program trains registered nurses and other professionals who treat and assist sexual assault patients to provide a higher level of care and reduce re-traumatization of victims.

Check out upcoming workshops, trainings, and conferences providing resources and information to assist and support crime victims in Illinois. The direct victim of a violent crime is generally eligible for compensation. Funds were distributed in 2, of these cases.

Crime Victim Compensation

You must cooperate with law enforcement officials in the investigation and prosecution of the crime unless there is a reasonable excuse not to cooperate.

There a few different ways: Application Crime victim compensation is a government program to reimburse victims of violent crimes- such as assault, homicide, rape, and, in some states, burglary - as well as their families for many of their out-of-pocket expenses.

For additional information on the Crime Victim Services Division, please contact: You did not cause the crime or do anything illegal; The crime was reported to the police within 5 days or within 5 days of when a report could reasonably be made; or you are a victim of sexual assault, child abuse, or human trafficking and told certain medical providers, mental health providers, school personnel, or advocates about the crime; you went to a health care facility to have a sexual assault exam and evidence collection done; or a judge gave you a restraining order or a civil protection order; or you are a victim of domestic violence and told a domestic violence or sexual assault counselor about the crime or a judge gave you a restraining order or a civil protection order.

The compensation available under this law includes care needed to recover from an injury, payment of compensation for lost salary or physical injuries, social, professional, or physical therapy, and compensation in case of death.

Our Victim Compensation and Assistance Division is one resource that works diligently to make this happen.

Crime Victims Compensation

However, a person will not be eligible if she voluntarily put herself in a situation where the risk of injury was predictable, for example, by taking part in a criminal act.

Click here to contact your state program if you are a victim, or someone helping a victim. What expenses are covered. A temporary injury lasts for a limited period of time. For permanent injuries, IVAC gives lump sum compensation a one-time payment of money.

Arizona Criminal Justice Commission

To login, enter your username and password. People can also send emails to clergyabuse atg. Eligibility to receive benefits from the program does not require the apprehension or conviction of an offender, and the compensation program is always the payer of last resort.

Articles in the category "Victims". There is no national or federal victim compensation program, except for U.

Who Can File and What is Covered. Find out if you qualify for Crime Victims Compensation Program benefits. Apply for Crime Victim Benefits. How Do I Apply? To apply for DCVC services, please contact your local victim advocate for assistance or you may click the following application and follow the instructions.

A crime victim or family member must exhaust all other sources of compensation before OVS can assist.


For example, benefits must first be obtained from health or other insurance policies or workers’ compensation before the agency can provide compensation. Victim Compensation Programs Help Victims Cope with the Costs of Violent Crime Crime victim compensation programs in states across the country help victims of violence every day, paying for the costs of medical care, mental health counseling, and lost time at work, as well as funerals and other expenses that families face in the aftermath of homicide.

A victim advocate can help you complete your CalVCB application and personally guide you through the victim compensation process. Advocates can also: get you emergency food, clothing, and shelter.

For Crime Victims

Member News and Information. The mission of the National Association of Crime Victim Compensation Boards is to provide leadership, professional development, and collaborative opportunities to our members to strengthen their capacity to improve services to crime victims and survivors.

Victim compensation
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